Finding comfort in these hard times part 2

With little else to keep me occupied, I’m using whats on the box to keep track of the days of the week. Tuesday and Saturday evenings actually have plans! Granted, these ‘plans’ are sat on the sofa with the telly on but it’s about the closest thing to scheduled activity I’m going to get in the lead up to Christmas.

As well as keeping up with American sitcoms, Autumn saw the return of a couple of Britain’s favourite entertainment shows.

Great British Bake Off

Now more than ever, The Great British Bake Off is doing what it does best; feeding viewers with wholesome, light hearted entertainment. Filled with classic innuendos, contestants nervously staring at their ovens, mishaps and a few spectacular bakes.

Apart from the drama of moving from the BBC to channel 4 a few years ago, the format of GBBO has barely changed. After a year of unknowns, all we want is some predictability. When a year ago we were rolling our eyes at a bakers excitement from receiving the coveted Paul Hollywood handshake, now we joyously clap when he reaches out his hand.

This years first episode saw the highest ratings for channel 4 in 35 years with 10.8 million people tuning in to watch. Proving that all we want is comfort viewing to viewing to help us escape reality.

The current series also had the surprise in chocolate week when viewers around the country exclaimed in delight that we could have all done a better job than the bakers at making brownies. Then every week tension builds as we keep our fingers and toes crossed whilst they assemble their show stoppers – jelly cakes had us on the edge of our sofa!

Sadly, for us Brits, it all comes to an end in two weeks. But there are still past series and reruns of Celebrity Bake Off to keep us entertained.

Strictly Come Dancing

Wednesday comes around and I am already doing a little jig to the theme tune for Saturday nights entertainment. Strictly Come Dancing was a show that I previously watched with my mum when I had nothing to do on a Saturday night. This year, with nothing to do, I have picked up Strictly fever.

There would have been uproar from the great British public if the current lockdown had forced Strictly off air – The BBC even cut off Boris’s lockdown address to ensure the show still went on. Granted it’s not the same as pre COVID times – professional group dances had to be filmed before the live shows started, the dancers and their celebrity partners have formed bubbles and the live audience has gone. And yet, we are still entertained.

Theatre doors are firmly shut. Cinemas barely reopened. So Strictly has become the closest to live entertainment we are going to get. It’s what we need right now to escape. We need dances to oo and ahh over, dances to cringe at, ones that have us sinking into our sofas and others that have us fist pumping the air.

When I shed a tear of excitement, or joy, or because I am so overwhelmed with emotion, this is when I know that for a few minutes, at least, I was so enraptured and forgot about everything else. The second week there were tears of joy when Bill Bailey shocked everyone with his transformation from joker to dancer. Movie week got me all chocked up from Ranvir Singh and Giovanni’s gorgeous Dream Girls Foxtrot. At least these aren’t tears of despair.


  1. I love this✨

    Greats British bake off has been my comfort too. Sitting on the sofa, with my coffee and watching as the delight comes from the oven. You are right — a bit of predictability in the mists of chaos.

    Strictly come dancing 💃🏽…EVENTFUL. This reminds me off all the good times I had. It’s amazing how a program takes you to the cosy place.

    I really enjoyed reading this post✨💕 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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