Lockdown Diaries Continued

November saw England go into lockdown 2.0 and I decided to document this bizarre time in most of our lives with a very public diary! You can read part 1 here.

Day 14

Is it too early for Christmas? With everything that’s happened already this year, I come to the conclusion that it’s not. Which leads me on nicely to tonights entertainment – Dash & Lily.

Gnocchi bake

Make the most incredible Gnocchi bake for dinner. Every mouthful is a warming delight and I wish I had made more.

We finish series 1 of Big Little Lies – has nothing to worry about as we did binge watch – concluding that it’s one of the best television drama’s from the past century.

Day 15

Today I am irritable. Maybe it’s the constant grim weather. Maybe it’s that every room in the house still needs work done. Maybe it’s just the crappy situation we are all in and the effects of a terrible year.

Day 17

A lovely distanced walk with one of my besties. It’s nice to be around someone who isn’t Ryan for a change. This year has made me truly appreciate time spent with loved ones.

Finally finish May We Be Forgiven by A M Homes, a book I have been slogging away at for the last couple of weeks.

We try out the local Indian for this weeks takeaway and are thoroughly disappointed.  I am instantly painfully bloated and mentally prepare myself for a nasty IBS aftermath.

Day 18

Feel exhausted. The kind of tired where your eyes burn. It’s a sofa day with weird bouts of energy for cleaning the kitchen.

It turns into a momentous day when Ryan puts up shelves in the study and I am finally able to fully unpack. It only took 8 months, but I am now officially moved into our house. Have a lot of fun arranging the shelves.

Shelves in study room

Day 19

Usually I roll out of bed 5 minutes before I start work. Today, uncharacteristically I get up an hour before I’m supposed to start. It feels so nice having a leisurely breakfast and take my time starting the day… I should do this more often!

Throughout the day I re-organise and pack away bits for storing. A definite perk to working at home is that I am able to do this on breaks/lunch rather than in a post work slump.

Day 20

Drop in temperature always sparks an instant cold for me. Today, I feel so bleurgh, just wanting to curl up in a ball on the sofa and sleep for days. In the end I finish work a bit earlier (make up the time the next day) and finish season 1 of Virgin River, ready for season 2 being released on Friday!

Manage to do the final of Bake Off over zoom which causes much hilarity; Tuesday nights just aren’t going to be the same from next week.

Day 21

You’ll probably notice that my life has become defined by what I’m currently watching/how tired I am feeling. Today I watched The Grinch (2018 animated version) which fills me with festive joy.

Day 23

Spend the day fantasising about my post work bath. I spend over an hour bathing in what can only be described as absolute bliss, reading the final instalment of the Neopolitan Quartet by Elena Ferrante (one I wish will never end).

The evening is seen off with the smooth tones of Ella Fitzgerald putting me into an even deeper state of relaxation.

Day 24

A nasty surprise IBS flare up greets me first thing. Feels very similar to my prior one two weeks ago – once again I fall into a deep sleep – luckily, this time there is no sleep polarysis.

Takeaway comes from thai food made in someones kitchen. Have to go round the houses a bit to pick it up but it was absolutely delicious. The spring rolls are crispy, light, yet packed full of scruminess!

Getting messages after Strictly about how amazing dances were but my usual elation just wasn’t there this week.

Day 25

A momentous weekly shop: for the first time in what feels like forever, we successfully manage to get everything on the shopping list. Once home, I tackle cleaning the bathroom. A task I despise, that seems to come around more quickly that once every two weeks (we take it in turns weekly).

Head out for a decent walk to see if the phone box library has any decent books I can borrow; sadly not, but it’s not like I don’t already have a big enough to-be-read pile!

Day 26

Christmas lights outside a nearby house

The cold is back and has developed into a full on head cold. It’s an effort to get through work. Write a couple of Christmas cards to force me to go outside and end up walking further than the post box, hunting for early signs of garish festive lights.

Day 27

Getting an early night last night hasn’t helped the head cold, thus I spend most of the morning in bed sleeping. Not that all the sleep helps, I feel worse throughout the day.

It’s the first day of December and I’m already feeling festive this year – my dad sends over a picture of a robin outside their house that he snapped on his phone and I make a start on the advent calendar. Still uncertain about what kind of Christmas we’ll be having this year but seeing everyone’s festive spirit is cheering me up. Will you step into Christmas with me?!

Close up of Robin outside my parents house

Day 28

The final day of lockdown for England; where I am, from tomorrow we’ll be in Tier 3, which won’t make much of a difference to our current situation. However, word on the street is that a vaccine will be rolling out in England as early as next week! Looks like 2021 may just be a better year after all.


  1. Wow i love those decorations and Virgin River, yes! Right now, I’m in episode 9 of season 1. She’s getting ready to go on a date and it’s such an amazing series!
    Those shelves look great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I read the book “Big Little Lies” and it was amazing✨ Will check out the tv series soon. I felt all the emotions. End of the year is always a bit wobbly but this year it topped everything.

    I really enjoyed reading this🧡 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do want to read the book at some point, gonna give it a while, as I know it’s not the same as the tv series. Thank you and I hope you find some comfort at the end of this horrible year xx

      Liked by 1 person

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