Natural Christmas Tree with fairy lights wrapped round it and an assortment of baubles. In the background on the left is the edge of a silver frame with part of a yellow and red screen print. On the right is a shelf with a globe, books and a felt fox with a christmas hat.

A very, merry, Christmas?

Christmas is going to look very different for everyone this year; with Christmas parties over Zoom, empty markets whilst everyone shops online and many of us not being able to see loved ones. And, yet I haven’t felt this full of festive joy in years. Like so many others, festivities have offered a welcome distraction from the ongoing bleak news of the world.

Learning how to look after myself again

Lately I have been getting overwhelmed which led to exhausting myself, keeping myself as busy as possible to avoid having to stop. I was so scared of losing control, and yet that’s exactly what happened because I wasn’t giving myself the time to process anything.

Wooden planter that is placed on grass next to pavement slabs. There are small green plants coming through in the soil of the planter, in a row. The planter is rectangular. The planter has a sign attached above it. The first part is an illustration with an array of colourful book spines, one them says HAY, then KING, then ANTIQUES, then BOOKS, then the second to last book on the right says RIVER WYE. Above this is another sign with a black border which says in black - WORLD'S FIRST BOOK TOWN

Hay-On-Wye and the quest for prize winning books

Hay-on-Wye, the world’s first book town is a book lovers dream. Originally filled to the brim with a whopping 54 book shops, the number has now dwindled down to 26, with only about 15 currently open. There’s even a bookshop on the grounds of the castle!